Crimewave – The Legacy


The Crimewave Legacy

I first bred to Crimewave in 1999. On May 13, 2000 a sorrel filly (Miss Shortwave) was born. She was exactly the type of horse I wanted to raise. Later that year I had a chance to buy a share of Crimewave. Jack Hosler and I became partners on him.

Crimewave was bred the same as many top race sires in the USA. First Down Dash was his sire and Antheria, a daughter of Beduino, was his dam. As a breeder, you should always breed the best blood you can. I had assembled a small band of broodmares that I liked. They moved good and the tail-end side of their papers went back to speed. In the group I had two cowbred fillies that I bought as babies. I decided to breed them to Crimewave to raise barrel horses. Foxy Crime was Licorice Fox’s first baby. She went on to finish 7th in the world in the WPRA with Tracy Dawson. She was the first of many champions on this line.

Crimewave was a “ringer” to sire barrel horses. About 85% of the offspring trained for barrels became champions. He threw the same long powerful hip, low hocks, sloping shoulders and intelligence in a range of different mares. I realized that to be able to stamp your get with the same traits over a range of different mares, is the sign of a strong sire. His offspring are very trainable and athletic – a good combination for any trainer or breeder. Today in my Crimewave offspring, I am carrying those traits forward. Crimewave daughters are proving to be great producers.