Online Prospect Auction

Welcome to the 2019 Rigetti Petersen Auction Listing!

If you login and can't bid - send a text or call 888-938-4639 and we will troubleshoot with you.

Auction Notes:

  • What time does the auction close?

    • Lots close every 10 minutes starting at 9am with Lot 1 on Sunday Sept 15th

  • THIS AUCTION ISN'T LIKE EBAY- It is like a live auction

    • If there is active bidding, the time extends by 6 minutes each time until bidding stops for more than 6 minutes.

  • Use your Refresh button!

    • If you are bidding make sure to press REFRESH and RELOAD the page to make sure you are still the highest bidder - if someone bids against you, you have 6 minutes to counter bid

  • Don't wait until there is 10 seconds left to place bid

    • When you Click Place Bid - that has to send a message to the server - this can take up to 45 seconds depending on your data service

  • Make sure is in your EMAIL CONTACTS or you won't get the emails saying you are outbid

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